Aminé Tchéré Kakia, M.Sc.

DHD-Consulting GmbH
Lilly-Reich-Str. 8
31137 Hildesheim · GERMANY
Tel.: + 49 5121 918 73 - 0
Fax: + 49 5121 918 73 - 49

After her graduation in chemistry from technical school in Marokko in 2001, Aminé Tchéré Kakia had the opportunity to acquire her first work experience in Chad by Baker Hughes Inteq, a company in the oil and gas sector. In 2007, she started to study Chemistry at the University of Hanover in Germany with a Bachelor’s degree in 2010. She then achieved her Master’s degree in Chemistry 2012 at the University of Göttingen.

Aminé joined DHD-Consulting GmbH in April 2013 and is involved in study monitoring and dossier preparation. She also supports us with her competence in general chemistry.