Sebastian Heimann, Dr. rer. nat.


DHD-Consulting GmbH
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31137 Hildesheim ยท GERMANY
Tel.: + 49 5121 918 73 - 0
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A Plant Physiologist in basic research with a diploma in Biology 1995 and a Doctor in Plant Physiology 1998, Sebastian Heimann gained comprehensive expertise in ecology, physiology, molecular biology and biochemistry as well as organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. During the years 1998-2000 he was employed as a scientist in the Biological Department at Purdue University, Indiana, USA.

In 2001 Sebastian Heimann joined DHD-Consulting and specialized in Risk Assessment for agricultural chemicals.

Together with Dorothee Heimann-Detlefsen, he took over responsibility in the changed corporate form of the company as managing partner in 2010.

Sebastian Heimann is your first choice for EU-wide risk assessment and modelling, for dossier preparation as well as national and zonal data requirements. He is the head of the dossier preparation group.