Stephan Gessinger, M.Sc.

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31137 Hildesheim · GERMANY
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After working as a trained gardener in a tree nursery in Trier, Stephan Gessinger studied ‘Horticulture management’ at the University of Applied Sciences Wiesbaden / Geisenheim, focussing on soil science, plant nutrition and horticultural phytomedicine. During his subsequent studies of ‘Agriculture and Environment’ at the University of Applied Sciences Bingen, which he has completed with a Master´s degree, Stephan gathered additional experiences with field researches in agricultural crops.

During and after both university studies, Stephan Gessinger was employed as a pest control counsellor / technical advisor in the agro-chemical industry for several years.

This experience made him perfect being part of our well established efficacy group when he joined the company in February 2009. He is also responsible for the monitoring of efficacy trials at DHD-Consulting.