For registration of your biocide - DHD at your side.

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Registration of Biocides


We prepare dossiers for existing active substances in the EU review programme and also for the evaluation of new active substances in order to gain their approval according to Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012.

When the Implementing Regulation to approve an active substance for a certain product type is published, we compile the product dossier and manage mutual recognition EU-wide. Dossiers include the common data set and if necessary additional data for active substance and products, a description of intended uses, efficacy and the risk assessment on your product.

For risk assessments we use scenarios as described in the respective Technical Guidance Documents and the Emission Scenario Documents.

Of course we establish the associated IUCLID file and submit your dossier via R4BP as well.

In the transitional period when an active substance is still not approved we offer help to fulfill the requirements of the different national schemes for registration of your biocidal product.

We observe attentively the ongoing processes in legislation and guidance to be always informed about the implications of new documents for dossier preparation and registration.

Our in-depth experience with biocides provides a smooth registration process.