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Risk Assessment & Modelling


Estimating the ecological and toxicological effect of plant protection products and biocides on the living environment requires risk assessment and modelling.

The exposure of operators, workers or bystanders to the product is simulated by computer according to published models.

Following EU requirements we evaluate how acute and long-term exposure to the residues on foodstuff of animal and plant origin affect consumers, based on consumer data published by the EU as well as national data.

For evaluation of pesticides DHD-Consulting uses simulation models on spray drift, run off, leaching etc. for evaluating the environmental fate of pesticides and their metabolites in soil, water and air according to official and published models. Kinetic evaluation of existing studies with ModelMaker is possible as well.

For risk assessment and modelling of biocides we use scenarios as described in the Technical Guidance Documents and the Emission Scenario Documents.

The environmental fate conditions are used for assessing the exposure of wildlife (non-target species) and evaluating its acceptability.